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is one of the leading supplier of electric power controller which established on 1995. The main business of us is offering a complete range of Low/Medium Voltage apparatus and system for switching, protection and control application for industrial and utility sectors. We uses the latest technology to locally manufacture Electrical Switchboard. Electrical Raceway, Load Center, Motorcontrol Center, Capacitor control panel and Lighting fixture. We now produce many technically advanced items of electrical equipment in general industrial & building use.
With the strong intention and experience of our skill personels including the well-equipped and modern mechanical equipment, the company is committed to provide customer with high standard and quality products on time services and safeness. Now we have already received the ISO 9001:2000 (3 times of full Audit with 3 certificates) quality system since 9/9/2000 for overall process work to our customer. Today, A&A CONTROL CO.,LTD. has with of full Audit more than 80 employees with high skill, knowledgeable, highly efficient and willingly to solve customer needs.

2.THE ART OF Preventive Maintenance Service

A & A Control, We are the team of Thai engineers and High skill Technicians, Completed Tool, More experience & many references.
A & A Understand the way to avoid technical problems is through Preventive and Predictive Maintenance as a method of limiting unscheduled plant downtime. An expert team of dedicated engineers and technicians is available to handle 1.engineering 2.installation 3.supervision 4.testing 5.commissioning and maintenance tasks. If a problem arises, They can work on-site in collaboration with customer's own maintenance staff.


3. Product Distributor

A&A Control is also a company who represent various king of High-lows Voltage Equipment, Transformers, Generator & parts of theirs, The product shall be assured to high quality and standard perceived by both government sector and private sector. We shall provide the best service to our customer in every steps, until delivery in order to satisfy their requirement for every of their procurement.

4. Our Key Success Factors

 - Good Marketing plan (Sales Proposal Preparation)
 - Good Design & Technical Support
 - Good Product & Reliability
 - Good Early Stream Supplier from AVL.
 - Good Machines, Equipment & Production Process.
 - Good Quality Control (QC in all process)
 - Good After sale service support
 (Delivery Service, Repairing/Claim service & Maintain Services)
 - Available spare parts
 - Testing & Commission Report, as built manual’s clear

5. Our Facilities

5.1 Offer working Aria (Included 3 Meeting Rooms)

5.2 Production area: 240 square meters

 - Machine work Space 150 square meters approximately
 (Cutting, Bending, Punching, Milling & etc.)

 -Structure Fabrication 125 square meters approximately
 (Cutting, Welding, Arcing &etc.)

 - Surface Treatment 140 square meters approximately
 (Steel Structure & Steel Plate relevant with Zine-Phosphate & Electrostatic & Powder Enamel Painting Automation Process)

 - Panel Assembly 88 square meters approximately
 (Panel Structure, Panel doors, Panel silent & back cover, Panel roof assembly and etc.)

 - Copper Busbar Assembly 120 square meters approximately & Cable wiring

5.3 Space of Warehouse/Stock Area
- Stock of Raw Material
- Stock of tool, Measurement & Important parts for Hot work (Emergency Services)
- Stock of Finished Goods: (Product after Q/C)




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ISO 9001:2008

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team


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